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The Orlando Massacre and the Zionist Propaganda of Alex Jones

Updated June 20, 2016

With the Orlando massacre story, Alex Jones and reveal their primary purpose is to serve as a Zionist propaganda outlet, supporting the deception behind the fraudulent War on Terror.

"Terror is theatre... Theatre's a con trick. Do you know what that means? Con trick? You've been deceived. "
- John Le Carré, The Little Drummer Girl, 1983

"Terrorism is aimed at the people watching, not at the actual victims. Terrorism is theater… The normal objective of state or official terrorism is to enforce obedience and cooperation... Success demands the creation of an atmosphere of fear and the seeming omnipresence of the internal security apparatus." 
- Brian Michael Jenkins, "International Terrorism: A New Kind of Warfare," Rand Corporation, June 1974

The Israeli construct known as the War on Terror is a global fraud, a Zionist war agenda that is based on deception and false-flag terrorism.  In my presentations about the dual-deception of 9/11 and the War on Terror I use the Mossad quote from The Little Drummer Girl, “Terror is theatre... Theatre's a con trick. Do you know what that means? Con trick? You've been deceived.”  I advise people to keep this quote in mind whenever an act of terrorism, like the recent massacre in Orlando, occurs.

One needs to remember that the ultimate purpose of false-flag terrorism is to affect public opinion and change the way the target audience thinks about the entity that is blamed. As terrorism expert Brian Michael Jenkins wrote, "Terrorism is aimed at the people watching, not at the actual victims. Terrorism is theater.”

In acts of false-flag terrorism the perpetrators behind the deception come out with information very quickly to create a false narrative, which is then spread by the mainstream media.  In the case of the terror attacks of 9/11 this early planting of the false narrative was done by the former Israeli prime minister and chief-of-staff Ehud Barak, who appeared on world-wide BBC World television blaming Osama bin Laden and calling for “an operational, concrete war against terror” – before the Twin Towers had even fallen.

Ehud Barak presented the Israeli narrative of 9/11 on BBC World television - a global network - before the towers even fell.

By appearing on BBC World right after the planes had hit the towers, Barak was making use of the primacy effect and presenting the desired narrative first, before any evidence could even be examined to determine what had really happened on 9/11.  In this case, Barak evidently had prior knowledge of the attacks and was prepared to be in the London studio of the BBC World to give the world the Israeli narrative of the crime - and the Israeli cure for the problem:  the global War on Terror, something the Israeli military had been pushing since at least 1979.  Barak’s early analysis became the official version of 9/11, of course.

In the case of the mass shooting in the Orlando nightclub, the alleged shooter was identified as an American-born Muslim of Afghan origin - before the number of people killed had even been determined.  Early on June 12, while the death toll was thought to be twenty, Alex Jones’ reporter Paul Joseph Watson posted a video from Dresden, entitled “The Truth About the Gay Nightclub Massacre,” in which he blamed the Islamic religion for being the root cause of the Orlando massacre.  More than 400,000 people watched the inflammatory video in the first day it was online. 

Infowars' “The Truth About the Gay Nightclub Massacre”
Video URL -

There are, of course, many questions about what happened at the Pulse club in the early hours of June 12.  The main question being:  Was the Orlando nightclub massacre another act of false-flag terror?

Were there multiple shooters as some eyewitnesses have said? How did the media know the name of the alleged shooter before it knew how many people had been killed?  Did the shooter really call 911 and make some statement about ISIS and the Boston Marathon bombing?  If so, when will we be able to hear it?  (The FBI has released "transcripts" of the call but is not releasing the audio.  Why will they not release the audio?  How do we know that the voice in the video is that of the alleged killer if we cannot hear the actual audio?)

There is also a big question about Alex Jones and the role he plays:  Why would post a video that blamed Islam before anything was known about what happened at the Pulse club?  Is Alex Jones exploiting the primacy effect for propaganda reasons – just like Ehud Barak? 

There are many people who trust Alex Jones to give them the truth about important matters that are not discussed in the mainstream media.  Jones has a large following, including many sincere truth-seekers who believe whatever comes from his website.  For to post Watson’s three-minute video, “The Truth About the Gay Nightclub Massacre,” and to blame Islam for being the cause of the massacre is worse than irresponsible journalism – it exposes the role played by Alex Jones and as a Zionist propagandist in support of the global criminal fraud known as the War on Terror.

Benjamin Netanyahu's comments on the Orlando shooting are designed to advance the War on Terror, a war agenda being waged by the United States and its allies on behalf of Israel.

Bibi Netanyahu Statement on the Orlando Terror Attack
Video URL: 

Three days after the Orlando shooting, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, released a three-minute video in which he said the shooter was "not alone" and went on to blame ISIS and the Islamic Republic of Iran.  In doing so, Netanyahu was feeding the War on Terror construct he has promoted since 1979:

In Orlando, a terrorist walks into a nightclub and murders nearly 50 human beings… Why did the terrorist murder them? 
Because he was driven by a fanatical hatred. He targeted the LGBT community because he believed they were evil.

Now, the murderer wasn't alone. Regimes and terrorist organizations around the world ruthlessly persecute the LGBT community. In Syria, ISIS throws gays off rooftops. In Iran, the regime hangs gays from cranes...

This week’s shooting wasn’t merely an attack on the LGBT community. It was an attack on all of us, on our common values of freedom and diversity and choice. Radical Islamist terror makes no distinction between shades of infidel. This week it was gays in Orlando. A few days before that it was Jews in Tel Aviv… All of us are targets…

Working together we will defeat them even faster.

The Israeli methods have changed in the four decades since Netanyahu began promoting the War on Terror, but the logic remains exactly the same.  

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