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The Liberty Lobby's Mark Lane and the Jonestown Massacre

October 16, 2009

None are so hopelessly enslaved, as those who falsely believe they are free. The truth has been kept from the depth of their minds by masters who rule them with lies. They feed them on falsehoods till wrong looks like right in their eyes.
-Johann von Goethe

One of the reasons the American people are unable to resist the Zionist criminal network that controls the U.S. government and media is that the so-called patriotic movement is controlled by the same criminal network.

A supporter from Scotland often writes to me asking if I have heard Michael Piper's latest rant against me on the Republic Broadcasting Network.  Three years after I was fired from American Free Press where I had submitted articles for six years as an independent contractor, Piper, who is one of that paper's key figures, is still attacking me.  Why would Piper, who works for a newspaper that purports to be a publication for patriotic Americans, spend so much time attacking me and my 9-11 research?  Who is paying him and ordering him to do this?  To understand why Piper acts like a rabid dog requires a better understanding of what American Free Press really is -- and who is behind it. 

Having raised the subject of the Jewish lawyer/C.I.A. agent Mark Lane and his key role in controlling the Liberty Lobby in my essay "Why Are We Unable to Resist?", the subject of American Free Press (AFP) being a controlled-opposition outfit came up during my October 6 show with R.J. Hender on Republic Broadcasting Network.  A caller, "Daniel from Canada", asked if I would now agree that Michael Piper of AFP had been correct in his criticism of Eric Hufschmid.   Piper then attacked me on his program on RBN, which led to this email from a listener.

I heard a host on RBN railing against you tonight in an incredibly vile manner. [Michael] Collins Piper, I believe, was his name. He was so nasty that right away I found myself sympathizing with you. Anyway, after he got to the gist of his attacks and mentioned that you had accused Mark Lane of being an agent, I was completely won over to you. I have known since 1977 that he was an agent and spent a few years telling anyone who might be interested of that fact.  I would remind Collins Piper or anyone who doubts this is true, that Mr. Lane was in Jonestown (CIA mind control project) at the time of the massacre. He survived because he is very well connected to say the least.  Keep up the good work.

Mark Lane, the Jewish lawyer and C.I.A. agent who owns Liberty Lobby and American Free Press, was born in New York City in 1927, the son of Harry Arnold and Elizabeth Levin (Levin was changed to Lane in the 1920s).  Charles Garry, the principal lawyer for Jim Jones and his People's Temple movment, blamed Lane for the mass killing of 913 Americans in Jonestown in November 1978.  Lane reportedly went to Switzerland with the business manager of Jonestown shortly after the mass killing and emptied Jones' secret bank accounts.  The missing funds, estimated to be as much as $18 million, were never accounted for.

Some of the 914 American victims of Jim Jones' mind control project in Guyana

Michael Bernard Piper has worked for Mark Lane for many years.

It should be noted that Michael Piper, who brags about his Jewish ancestors and carries a portfolio from AIPAC, the Israeli lobby in Washington, lies a great deal and does so as a representative of Mark Lane and American Free Press.  This behaviour is typical of people who have the backing of an agency like the C.I.A. behind them.  Piper lies and slanders with impunity because he has what we call "a license to lie."  Piper has been attacking me since December 2001 when I was invited to speak about 9-11 in Moscow.  He continues his vicious attacks to this day.  He is obviously being paid to do so.  Why would a person like Piper be attacking me for my research on 9-11?  Why did Piper work to keep me from speaking in Moscow in December 2001 and again at the American Free Press conference held in Washington two weeks after I was attacked and tortured with a TASER by a three-man undercover tactical squad at my home near Chicago? 

Mark Lane (center) with Rev. Jim Jones (left) and Charles Garry in Jonestown shortly before the mass killing of some 914 Americans.  Jones' "hand went to his mouth again and again" which his followers knew to be a sign that their leader was extremely nervous and stressed.  The reason Jones was so stressed was because of the lies he was being told by Mark Lane, who was working to fuel Jones' paranoia.  The lies and actions of Lane were seen by Garry as having directly triggered the mass killing in Jonestown.  Why would Lane, a former agent of U.S. Army intelligence who knew very well of Jones' paranoia and his plans to kill everyone if threatened, do something like that?  Why is Lane smiling with a devilish grin in this photo, taken on the eve of the massacre? (Photo by Jonestown victim Don Jackson from "Exclusive photos: Prelude to tragedy," Chicago Tribune, November 30, 1978) 

In a 1979 panel discussion on "Cults and the Law" at the California Bar Association's convention in Los Angeles, Mr. Charles Garry, who was the principal attorney for Jim Jones and his organization, accused Mark Lane of being responsible for the mass deaths.  He said Lane had played upon Jones' irrational fears of a United States Government plot against the Jones cult, provoking Mr. Jones into ordering the killings and suicides. "The person responsible was the catalyst," said Mr. Garry.  "He may not be legally responsible, but he is morally."

In September 1978, unbeknownst to Garry, Lane visited Jim Jones and spoke to the residents of Jonestown, supporting Jones' theories and drawing parallels between Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jim Jones. Lane held press conferences stating that "none of the charges" against the People's Temple "are accurate or true."  Lane fed Jones' fear and paranoia saying there was a "massive conspiracy" against the Temple by "intelligence organizations," naming the C.I.A., F.B.I., F.C.C., and even the U.S. Post Office. 

Garry, the principal lawyer for the Peoples' Temple, had been with Lane at Jonestown during the massacre.  According to Garry, Lane's devious duplicity was "the catalyst" that directly led to the massacre.  Garry said that Lane, "behind my back, proceeded to, beginning in September [1978], when he was there, to tell them they were being persecuted.  That the F.B.I. and the C.I.A., whatever, all the intelligence forces, were out to destroy them.  And that he himself was going to be the person who was going to stop all of that."  By reinforcing Jones' fears, Garry said, Lane contributed to an atmosphere in which the white night [pre-planned massacre/suicide] would occur.


Mark Lane visited Jonestown in September 1978, two months before Jim Jones took 913 of his followers to their gruesome end in the jungle of Guyana.  Lane lavished praise on the mind control settlement and its paranoid leader.  Lane told the mind-controlled subjects of Jonestown that they had found a better way of life in the jungle with Jones than they could have in the United States.  Lane's speech to Jones and his followers from September 1978 was recorded and used in a 1981 National Public Radio (NPR) documentary about Jonestown entitled "Father Cares: The Last of Jonestown."  Anthony Lewis wrote about Lane's visit and support of the Jonestown mind control project in a New York Times article entitled "Nightmare Brought to Life" in April 1981:

Two months before the Rev. Jim Jones took his followers to their gruesome end in 1978, Jones had a visitor from the United States who praised the settlement and its paranoid leader.  People in the United States knew there had to be a better way of life, he said,  "and it is here."

As the disciples murmured and applauded, the visitor said he had travelled in Guyana on a 19th-century train, a relic of colonialism.   "And then you come here.  And you just don't come up to the 20th century.  You're in the future all of a sudden.  It's a big move.  And either this is the future or there won't be any."

It was Mark Lane speaking:  the lawyer-promoter who has so relentlessly exploited American assassinations.  We have come to know Lane over his years of grisly self-promotion.  But it is still something to hear his voice praising Jonestown - and Jim Jones giggling in the background and saying, "That's so true."


James Reston Jr. visited Jonestown shortly after the massacre and found some nine hundred hours worth of audio tapes made by Jones of his speeches and interviews.  Reston, who described Jones as "authentic evil" went on to write a book about Jonestown entitled Our Father Who Art in Hell.  These tapes were used to produce the NPR documentary that Anthony Lewis wrote about.  Lewis said that Lane's secret visit to Jonestown in September 1978 was a key factor of the "authentic evil":

Anthony Lewis of the New York Times wrote about Mark Lane's devilish character.  Lane's devious duplicity with Jim Jones is seen by those who were there as having led directly to the massacre.

Less than one month after the mass killing, Lane reportedly travelled to Switzerland with Terri Buford, the business manager of Jonestown, "to remove the secret Zurich assets," according to Robert Havel, spokesman for the U.S. Justice Department.  The secret funds, estimated to be as much as $18 million, were never accounted for.  Lane denied he had removed the money, saying he had spent 5 days in Paris.


A few years after the massacre in Jonestown, Lane became the lawyer of Willis A. Carto and the so-called patriotic and anti-Semitic Liberty Lobby.  The Liberty Lobby is patriotic in the same way that Jones and the People's Temple was a Christian church.  To understand the true nature and real mission of American Free Press we need to examine Mark Lane's key role in running the Liberty Lobby.  When we realize that Lane holds the key position as owner of the lobby and its assets, the strange actions of Michael Piper become understandable.  This explains Piper's bizarre attacks on me and his strange relationship with Willis A. Carto and his German-born wife, Elisabeth.  Piper is working for Mark Lane, not Willis Carto.

Mark Lane took over the assets of the Liberty Lobby in or around 1993, when the lobby was on the verge of bankruptcy.  This information came directly from L.T. Patterson, the publisher of Criminal Politics, who was sued by Lane in 1994 for some $10 million.  Patterson was able to fend off Lane, a Zionist wolf in sheep's clothing, and during the legal process learned that Lane owned the Liberty Lobby.  When I asked Willis A. Carto if this was true, he swore at me on the phone and slammed down the receiver.  Since my office at the lobby/newspaper was connected to Willis Carto's (from the summer of 2000) and having seen Lane, Carto, and Piper together on many occasions, I don't doubt for a minute that Patterson's information is true.  I have never seen anything that would contradict it.  This would mean that the so-called right-wing patriotic and anti-Semitic publications of the Liberty Lobby, such as the Spotlight and American Free Press, are actually controlled-opposition outfits controlled by the Zionist Jew, Mark Lane.  This explains all the bizarre behavior I observed at the paper during my six years of working with the lobby and its publications.

When I spoke with Suzanne, Lane's first wife, about his work in Army Intelligence, she joked that he was the head of the C.I.A.  Her joke is evidently not far from the truth.

Lane, it should be noted, was in U.S. Army intelligence in post-war Germany in 1945-47.  This is the branch that became the C.I.A. after the war.  Lane was paid some $5 million in legal fees by the Liberty Lobby, according to a veteran of the lobby.  None of this is widely known among the people who read and support American Free Press.  It is important because it shows how a Zionist Jew from the C.I.A. can actually control a movement that purports to be working for the American patriot audience.  Lane's controlling role at the Liberty Lobby should be kept in mind when viewing the photos from his visit to Jonestown.  Lane was a lawyer for Jim Jones and was present before, during, and after the mass killing. 

Mark Lane (left) with Jonestown residents shortly before the killing.  He witnessed the mass murder and reappeared shortly after having "gone missing."   

"It is all swirling around Mark Lane..."

Rogers Worthington of the Chicago Tribune wrote that the gruesome events in Jonestown all seemed to revolve around Mark Lane:

Through it all is the tantalizing hint that Lane knows still more than he is willing to tell.  Indeed, there are moments when events connected to Jonestown and the Peoples Temple seem to revolve around Mark Lane.

On one hand he obviously mourns the needless loss of so many lives, and on the the other hand he appears to be having the time of his life...

But somehow when Lane utters such charges today, as is often his wont, the credibility goes awash.  The early bird of conspiracy theories can ruminate about Peoples Temple hit lists and secret assassination squads, and say things like "there is a force at work..."  It's, ironically, the same phrase used by a now-dead Jonestown resident in describing to a Washington Post reporter the problems of the Peoples Temple:  "...some force is working to disrupt and agitate..."

It is all swirling around Mark Lane, who is counsel, witness, and participant, and there are times when it just may be too much.

"I feel at this point there's no place to go to," he said.  "I feel like the guy Robert Redford played in 'Three Days of the Condor,' at the end, that there's no place for good guys to go."

Six years later, Mark Lane found his place at the so-called patriotic, right-wing, and anti-Semitic Liberty Lobby working for Willis A. Carto.  The Jewish lawyer Lane did very well for himself working for the anti-Semitic Willis Carto, so well in fact that with some of the $5 million he received in legal fees for defending the Liberty Lobby he was able to buy the lobby in 1993 and continue sowing fear among gullible Americans.

As Anthony Lewis wrote in his 1978 article about Lane entitled "The Mark of Zorro":

If another Mark Lane were passing judgment on these activities, he would surely sense a conspiracy to sow doubt and division in the country, to encourage morbid obsessions.  I have always assumed that he was just a pitchman with an exceptional talent for preying on the gullible.

One would have to be extremely naive to think that Mark Lane was nothing more than that.


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