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James B. Phillips Open Letter to Eric Hufschmid & Daryl B. Smith

September 7, 2007

A Response To: Christopher Bollyn’s Open Letter to Eric Hufschmid  

The following is an open letter to Eric Hufschmid and the person known as "Daryl Bradford Smith" from James B. Phillips, a friend and supporter of Christopher Bollyn.
James B. Phillips is a devout Catholic and combat veteran of the Vietnam War.
In this open letter Phillips asks Hufschmid about his increasingly bizarre behavior and that of the person with whom he works but has never met - Daryl Bradford Smith.
Hufschmid and Smith run a website called The French Connection. On this website they have been saying for several months that I have been tortured, kidnapped, killed or imprisoned, depending on what day of the week it is. Now they say I am a Zionist agent who has been tortured, or some such nonsense.
I have repeatedly warned Eric Hufschmid about Daryl Bradford Smith since I met Mr. Smith in France in November 2005. He is an extremely suspicious character, to say the least. My warnings to Eric seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. It appears to me that Mr. Smith has roped and tied Eric.
When Hufschmid, the webmaster of The French Connection, posted false rumors about me in June and July, I repeatedly told him to remove these comments - but he did not.
He told me that Daryl wanted all my articles removed from the website. I then told Eric to remove my material from the website that he no longer seemed to control - but he didn't.
I asked him if he even knows who Daryl Bradford Smith really is - but he doesn't.
Hufschmid admitted that he has no idea who Smith is in an email to me [Bollyn] on July 18, 2007:
"I don't expect you -- or anybody -- to like, or work with, Daryl. I don't even know Daryl, except as a voice on the telephone."
So, Hufschmid, who is critical of everyone in the 9-11 movement, is working for "a voice on the telephone." Does that make sense?
The French Connection has a small blurb on About Daryl Bradford Smith:
"He worked as a top chef, owned his own restaurant, and was a professor. A few years ago he moved to France with his wife."
A professor? In what, may I ask? He talks like a person who has studied torture methods.
Hufschmid, who calls for investigating everybody in the 9-11 truth movement is working closely with somebody he has never even met?
Hufschmid says: "How do we determine who to trust? How do we know which of the people who complain about Zionism are seriously interested in stopping it? All we can do is investigate everybody; no exceptions."
"It is considered acceptable to investigate political candidates -- and even insult them -- but when we investigate the people in the "9-11 truth movement", we are chastised for "dividing the movement", "creating fights", or "spreading gossip".
"Since background checks are considered acceptable for businesses, why are we not allowed to investigate people in the 9/11 movement?
"What would happen if we investigate 9/11 activists?"
I say. What would happen if we investigate Daryl Bradford Smith? What would we find in his military background? How did he wind up working with John Stadtmiller and Genesis Communications Network from the middle of France? What is his real name and what does his Curriculum Vitae look like?
I have excellent photographs of my visit to Smith's hideout in central France. I went there with my family and they all have excellent recall of what he was like and what transpired. This material and photographs will soon be appearing on:
Here is the Open Letter written by James B. Phillips:
September 6, 2007
Dear Mr. Hufschmid:
This is an "open letter" being sent to you by an individual who along with many others has been very let down in their expectations of you and the person who goes by the name of Daryl Bradford Smith.
I just got done listening to the latest "rant" of Mr. Smith in which he castigates Christopher Bollyn to the nth degree. I also read your latest take on the Bollyn case ("What happened to the Bollyn family?").
I am not addressing this letter directly to Smith because he indicated in his talk that he did not wish to entertain any further communications regarding Mr. Bollyn. Nevertheless, you are presumably free to forward this to him with your comments if you see fit. I am simply copying it to him.
Ever since Christopher and family left for parts unknown, you and Smith have harmed him all the while claiming that you were concerned for his well being. You harmed him by what you put on your site regarding what you thought was his status. This caused his income from donations to drop drastically.
In effect you were trying to get him to communicate with you on your terms (i.e., another audio file interview) by economic coercion. This is absolutely despicable and your failure to publicly come clean on this issue makes it obvious to those with a discerning eye that you are acting maliciously or are in serious denial.
It is interesting that in all the defensive self-serving posturing by you and Smith neither of you ever address the issue of how your actions have caused grave economic loss for Bollyn. Not that he would ever sue you, but it would certainly appear that your direct and substantial contribution to his economic losses by intentionally discouraging others from contributing to him, especially after he repeatedly pleaded with you to stop would constitute a viable tort action.
I have also found it interesting that in all the time you both worked with Mr. Bollyn neither of you ever helped as a friend by providing a link to his website. Many unsuspecting people thought that The French Connection was actually the "official" Christopher Bollyn website when in fact it was not at all.
For the record Chris' site is Your obvious failure to include a link to Chris' website demonstrates a desire for control, not friendship.
I notice that you seem to want so much to tell the world where Chris is. It is rather curious that neither you nor Smith seem willing to disclose your exact locations. You gents like to speak of Christopher's brother. What, if anything, does the public know of your siblings, or even if you have any other than the Murdoch connection.
You cast aspersions quite freely; people are to be considered guilty until proven innocent. That is a rather interesting standard. Does it also apply to both of you? Have you proven your innocence? Please provide an article on same.
It is not without reason that more and more people are coming to see you and Smith as the guilty ones. Are you what a group of French heretical nuns were called: pure as angels and proud as devils?
When Bollyn refused to communicate with you on your terms you both went ballistic. Imagine two grown supposedly mature men carrying on with a major non-stop hissy fit. Did it never occur to either of you that you were behaving like this? People have come to see your actions not as a true response of friends, but rather as two individuals who were much more interested in control than friendship, faked or otherwise.
You have turned on good decent people like Jim Condit, Jr., who realizes that we live in a world populated by many gray characters and we must carry on the best we can without compromising our moral integrity. I recall an audio clip where you painted Condit with your typical broad brush as a bad guy. Bollyn, much to his credit, quickly spoke up to defend Condit.
Your actions are so often rash. In many ways you and Smith are your own worst enemies. We don't live in a world of black and white stick men. That world may have existed for us in our kindergarten days, but it should be long gone by now.
Your Pharisaical condemnation of guilt by association is just that. Is that why Smith condemned Jesus Christ to a wished for retroactive abortion?! Was it because Jesus was associated with Suzette, a gal who woke up to what Smith was all about. Well, don't take my word for it.
Smith in his rant on Suzette stated as much. His self-serving defensive rationalizing spin on his emotional outburst against Suzette by way of blaspheming the Blessed Mother of God by wishing that she had an abortion of the God/Man who as Second Divine Person of the Blessed Trinity actually created Smith was rather incredible. How many people have you known in your lifetime have blasphemed in such a way against both the Blessed Mother and her Divine Son and at the same time?!
Then, again maybe I am asking the wrong person for who exactly is Eric Hufschmid?
Eric Hufschmid is an individual who promotes the totally bogus science of evolution on his website. The article (which hopefully you won't delete or modify after this open letter to you goes out) "Science and Religion" states in part: "The process by which fertilized eggs develop into a dog, a rabbit, a pig, and a human is evidence that all creatures evolved from a hollow ball of cells that floated in the water. This creature evolved into a fish-like creature, which eventually evolved into a creature that walks on land."
It is particularly interesting that you promote evolution Mr. Hufschmid being as that the teaching of evolution has always been at the very core of atheistic communism. For evolution to stand the Christian Religion must fall. There is no middle ground. So called "Theistic Evolution" is a bogus modernist oxymoron which any properly educated Christian fully realizes.
Seeing as Mr. Hufschmid apparently believes in evolution it should not be so surprising to see him drop other gems like this on his website: "If there is a God, and if he cared what we think about him, wouldn't he tell all humans what to think? Why would he leave us in a state of ignorance and confusion?
The most sensible explanation to this mystery is that if there is a god, he doesn't care what we think about him." What type of person is this Mr. Hufschmid who reveals a great mystery to us by offering the alternative of atheism or of a God who could care less what we think about Him? These are just two of the "delights" for public consumption from Mr. Hufschmid's website. Mr. Hufschmid, honestly, do you actually believe this stuff? I would expect this kind of stuff to emanate from the mind of a "good" Talmudist.
At least two of the articles on Smith's website which presumably you placed there contain lewd pornographic type images. These types of images work to corrupt the minds, hearts, and souls of men. Freemasons and Zionists in particular want to corrupt Man's morals. Sexual imagery is one of their strongest and most successful ways of doing it. Why do you persist in helping them at their work?
Both you and Smith display a contemptuous attitude for organized religion. You appear to never say anything positive about Jesus Christ and the Christian Religion. Smith sent me a most vile email when I questioned his praising of a deceased French priest who got all kinds of positive press eulogies. Of course, the media loved him for his heretical ideas including the approval of homosexual behavior.
Smith in his rant today in referring to Christopher Bollyn said, "We had a snake amongst our midst and we didn't even know it." He also said, "I do not wish Christopher Bollyn well." This latter statement is of particular note. In the Lord's prayer we recite:
"...forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us."
True love for a Christian consists in desiring that all people, regardless of whether they are our best friends or our worst enemies, gain heaven. I would ask Mr. Smith if he desires that Christopher Bollyn go to hell or that he one day goes to heaven. His statement about not wishing Mr. Bollyn well is very troubling, but unfortunately not surprising.
I am not implying in any way that Mr. Bollyn has trespassed against Mr. Smith in any way, but even if he had, the contempt that Smith shows in his words is certainly not in any sense Christian, not that I am trying to say that Smith makes any claim to being a Christian. Nevertheless, it would be reasonable to ask if Smith does not wish Bollyn well does he wish him evil.
What say ye, Mr. Smith? Is it the same as what a Talmudic Zionist would wish for Mr. Bollyn?
James B. Phillips
Photo: Christopher Bollyn (on left) with the person known as "Daryl Bradford Smith" at his hideout in central France. This photo was taken the morning after Thanksgiving 2005 when Bollyn and his family visited Smith, at his request. Bollyn was not inclined to visit Smith but at his request and with funding provided by Eric Hufschmid, the Bollyn family travelled across France to a remote village to visit Smith.
Immediately after the visit, Smith, who was then working for Genesis Communications Network and John Stadtmiller, began spreading vicious and malicious rumors about Bollyn and his family. Smith said that Bollyn was drunk and shouting "Heil Hitler" and singing the German anthem, etc.
He has recently repeated these lies and added to them on his "rant" posted on The French Connection. I will address this rant and set the record straight in the coming days on 

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