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Bollyn Responds to Malicious Slander of Daryl B. Smith

Bollyn Responds to Final Message of Daryl B. Smith

A person called Daryl Bradford Smith has posted malicious slander about me on his website "The French Connection." This is more of the same slander that he began spreading after I visited him in November 2005. Smith has only seen me once and does not know very much about me, but he is clearly dedicated to defaming me.  This is clearly his attempt to assassinate my character. 

In his "final message" about me, Smith continues to spread the same vicious lies about me and my family. His theatrical rant of September 5 seems to be a clear reaction to my posting a photo of me with Smith taken before I left his home in rural France. Smith's outrageous lies about me and our visit are clearly meant only to defame and discredit me as a 9-11 researcher and writer.  This is typical behavior of Smith who has tried to discredit other serious 9-11 researchers like Dr. Steven E. Jones. 


Smith claims that he has worked with me for years and that I have been part of his team with Eric Hufschmid. This is completely false. I am an independent journalist and he and Eric have only used my work to promote their website since the fall of 2006. The French Connection is just one of many websites that have posted my articles.

I have been posting my articles on Rumor Mill News for years and have spoken on many radio shows long before Smith and Hufschmid started their website. Since the summer of 2006, they have tried to make it appear as if I have been working exclusively with them, which has never been the case.

Because Smith's recent emotional "rant" was laden with malicious lies concerning my visit to his house in November 2005, I am compelled to provide my account of that visit. 

I first heard of the person known as "Daryl Bradford Smith" when I was interviewed for his radio show called "The French Connection" on the Genesis Communications Network (GCN). I don't recall when I first spoke on his show but it was certainly many months before September 2005, which is when he now says he first heard of me.

Smith started calling us at our home near Chicago in early 2005. This led to a show that he did with Helje about the sinking of Estonia when he was with GCN. For the record, he did a second show with Helje about Estonia in the spring of 2006, when we were in Provo visiting Dr. Steven E. Jones.

The GCN was founded by John Stadtmiller, who would later go on to found the Republic Broadcasting Network. How Stadtmiller and GCN found Smith in rural France, I don't know. As he said on his GCN radio show of January 3, 2006, he is "living out here in the middle of nowhere." Smith's credentials and background are both very murky.

At the request of Eric Hufschmid, I visited Smith in November 2005 after the Axis for Peace conference in Brussels where I was a panelist and speaker. My speech included the discovery of molten metal in the World Trade Center and the research being done by Dr. Steven E. Jones of Brigham Young University.


Smith first invited us to visit in the spring of 2005. He had repeatedly invited us to visit through my wife, Helje. He had led us to believe that he lived in a nice French country house "full of antiques." He even told her that some of the moving people had "knicked" some of his antiques. As we discovered, his house is quite a bit less grand than he had led us to expect.

When we were in Brussels for the Axis for Peace conference, Smith told me that he lived just south of Paris. When I checked the map and into taking the train, however, I found that it would cost about $400 to make the trip one-way to the nearest town to Smith's place, which would not have been at all close. With the high price and bad connections of the French rail system, and the fact that the national rail workers were going on strike, I decided not to make the trip.

I called Smith and Eric Hufschmid and told them that I would not be making the trip.

Both Hufschmid and Smith were quite unhappy to hear this and Hufschmid offered to send me money to pay for the trip. Due to the rail strike and Smith's remote location, I decided that to make the trip we would have to take a detour and try to get as close as possible using the excellent German rail system and then rent a car.

We used the "Beautiful Weekend" pass on the German rail network, which allows an entire family to travel for 24 hours for only $30. Using the "Schoenes Wochenende" pass we traveled to Switzerland. From Geneva, where we lived in a large and nicely furnished apartment, I rented an Avis car to drive west over the mountains to Smith's house.

Smith says that we came in a very large and fancy BMW-type car, but, in fact, it was only a simple Opel, the smallest car that would be suitable for our trip that Avis had available.

Bollyn checking the map by the rented Opel before leaving Smith's place on the morning after Thanksgiving


For Thanksgiving, we drove across France to the small village where Smith lived. The drive from Geneva took about 10 hours each way. We arrived in the afternoon and had Thanksgiving dinner with him and his wife.

The old farmhouse where he lived had been abandoned property and he was doing some renovation to try and make it livable. He showed me some upstairs space where he had hung some drywall. He asked me if I would be able to stick around to help him with his renovation project. This indicates that he didn't dislike me as much as he now says he did upon meeting me.

The house was very small and uncomfortable and not at all suitable for children to live in. It was a far cry from what he had led us to expect. It was quite cold and primitive and we didn't want to subject our children to such dismal conditions. We had planned to stay one night and left the next day after breakfast and a walk. We stayed in a pleasant hotel in Moulins, about half-way from Geneva, on the way to and from Smith's house. I don't recall the name of his village.

While Smith's wife, Pascal, was very pleasant and hospitable, he was rather suspicious and withdrawn. Suddenly, during the dinner, he turned to us and asked: "Why did you really come?" in a distinctly unpleasant tone. We reminded him that he was the one who had invited us.

He was not at all interested in talking with me. I had just spent weeks in Worms and Mannheim covering the trial of Ernst Zundel. He had no interest in that or any other subject that I had written about. He was quite different from the person I had expected him to be.

We brought the best wine, chocolate, and marmelade we could find for the Thanksgiving dinner. Smith, according to Eric Hufschmid, has some liver disease, something like cirrhosis of the liver, although we were not aware of this prior to our visit. For that reason, he was not able to enjoy the fine wine we had brought.

Helje at the Chocolatier in Moulins holding the bag of the finest hand-made chocolates as a gift for Smith

His charming wife, Pascal, had been a teacher of "hip-hop" street dance, she said. She was very glad to have some wine with us.

Pascal and Smith had one large and two small dogs. My daughter, who loves animals, enjoyed playing with them. We got two amazing photos of her holding one of the dogs. These photos show an incredible aura around them.

Bollyn's daughter holding one of Smith's dogs


Pascal told me that her family was in Lyon and I recall thinking that Pascal appeared to be of North African ancestry. France has millions of ethnic North Africans from its former colonies of Algeria, Tunisia, etc. She certainly enjoyed meeting us and being with our children, who have attended European schools and been home-schooled. Helje has a degree in teaching and I have worked as a teacher in the International School in Stockholm.

The Thanksgiving meal was excellent and my children distinctly recall having had second portions. My daughter still remembers enjoying "the crunchy part."

During the visit, Helje asked Daryl if he had been to Vietnam. He said that he was too young for that. A little later he asked Helje, rather inquisitively, "Who told you I was in the military?"

Helje said that he just reminded her of somebody she knew who had been in Vietnam.

Daryl exhibited an unexpected anti-German attitude. We had just come from Germany, where we had lived for two years and where our children had gone to school. When I told Smith about the German trains and the high standard of construction and living in Germany, he showed animosity toward anything German.

He insisted that everything was better in France, which we know very well is not the case. French windows, for example, are often leaky and single-pane glass. German windows, on the other hand, are state of the art and energy efficient no matter where you look.

Contrary to what he says in his latest rant, I did not stand up with wine spilling from my mouth and sing the German national anthem or raise a Nazi salute. This is absurd fiction.

This is merely meant to defame me, as are his comments that I was drunk. This is pure fiction. Defaming me as a wild drunk is exactly what Michael Piper has tried to do as did the Hoffman Estates police and the prosecution during my trial.

During the evening, Smith claimed that he had the exact same birthdate as I, but I remember that he was off by a year in age. Furthermore, he didn't make much of the amazing coincidence that we should have the exact same birthday. How odd.

In the spring of 2005, Daryl had talked to Helje about the "upcoming epidemic" of Bird Flu, and that this was the reason he had moved to rural France.

"Bird Flu will kill most of the world's population," he told her.

When we visited him, he showed us the large amounts of Tamiflu he had stocked in his house. We noticed, however, that there were free-roaming geese living in the yard. I photographed one that was not more than 20 feet from his front door.

One of the geese that roamed freely in front of Smith's house

Early in the morning, after a rather sleepless night, we went to the kitchen and had breakfast with Pascal. Smith was nowhere to be seen but came out after we had already finished eating. He appeared to be sleepy and grouchy and excused himself saying that he has "liver problems" that don't let him sleep.

After breakfast, all of us except Daryl went on a walk with Pascal to see some fields nearby with horses.

Going for the walk with Pascal, who appears to be quite happy with the Bollyn family.  Daryl's house is to the right of the car by the potted plant. 

It was quite damp and chilly and the children, whose feet were getting cold and who have seen plenty of horses in North Dakota, decided that they wanted to go back to the house. It had started to rain by the time they got there but Smith wouldn't let them in. When we returned from our walk with Pascal, we found the kids waiting outside by the door - shivering.

This seemed rather odd, we thought. Why would Smith refuse to let the kids in the house? Did he have some communications that he needed to make in privacy? What kind of host would lock out a 10- and a 7-year-old child and leave them out in the cold?

After our visit on Thanksgiving 2005, Smith spread malicious slander about me and my family to people he knew through the Internet. He stopped communicating altogether with us after our visit. Smith's malicious slander even found its way to the courtroom where I was on trial last spring.

Rather than discussing the real issues, such as 9-11 or the corrupt legal system that prosecuted me, Smith and Eric Hufschmid have tried to make an issue out of me. Hufschmid has known all along that my family and I were fine. There was no need to raise the alarm that we had been kidnapped or killed. This is utter fiction that only Smith and Hufschmid have promoted. Unfortunately, many people believe the alarming and slanderous lies of Smith.

Why is Smith so antagonistic towards me and those who have helped me during my trial? Why has he spread malicious slander about me since he met me in November 2005? He now says that he had extreme animosity toward me from the minute he met me. Why would I trust him with anything?


Bollyn (left) with Smith the morning after Thanksgiving before leaving for Geneva

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