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Open Letter to Kevin Ryan about Israel and 9/11

April 18, 2016

Kevin Ryan avoids the evidence of Israeli involvement in 9/11 in his book Another Nineteen.  In my open letter to Ryan, I ask him why.

During my recent tour I was often given books by friends and supporters. I have been busy reading them since I returned and just finished Another Nineteen:  Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects by Kevin Robert Ryan. 

Ryan fails to mention Israeli actors when they should be mentioned, and ignores the importance of the Israeli role when it is mentioned. 

When, for example, discussing the findings of the Congressional report on the Iran-Contra affair, Ryan wrote: "Hamilton's report mentioned that the missiles (for Iran) "were sold from Israeli stock with U.S. approval," but says nothing about what this means about the central role played by Israeli intelligence in arming Iran during the whole Iran-Contra affair. How can that be ignored?

Later, Ryan briefly mentions the Israeli company that handled passenger screening at Boston's Logan Airport on 9/11: 

United Airlines contractor Huntleigh USA Corporation performed the screening of passengers related to Flight 175. Huntleigh was bought out in 1999 by the Israeli company ICTS International.

That is all he says about the Mossad-run company that was headed by a convicted Israeli criminal from the Likud party named Menachem Atzmon. This blatant omission leaves the reader with the impression that ICTS is just another Israeli company. ICTS was, after all, the key defendant in the 9/11 tort litigation, in which every case was settled out of court. 

Why does Kevin Ryan let the Israelis off the hook in his book?  This is what I ask him in the following open letter.

Open Letter to Kevin Ryan about Israel and 9/11

     Dear Kevin,

     I just finished reading your book, which I perused very carefully. You present a lot of good information in this book as you provide your list of nineteen suspects. I think we agree on most things although it does seem that you go out of your way to avoid mentioning the many Israeli suspects.

There are a few points I would like to ask you about:

Michael Chertoff (an Israeli-American dual national), the Asst. Attorney General, who was the official responsible for investigating and prosecuting the 9/11 crimes, is not even mentioned in the book.

As Asst. Attorney General, Michael Chertoff was responsible for the criminal investigation and prosecution of the 9/11 crimes. He oversaw the wholesale destruction of evidence and the F.B.I.'s non-investigation of the crime, which resulted in no prosecution. How can Chertoff not be a suspect in the 9/11 crime and cover-up?

Question: Did you overlook Michael Chertoff or did you think his Israeli nationality and being a son of the Mossad agent Livia Eisen was not significant?

Toward the end of the book you name three "countries that benefited" from the events of 9/11: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the U.A.E. (p. 311-312), while completely omitting any mention of Israel.

LIKE ZIONIST-OWNED CBS NEWS - Kevin Ryan tries to pin the blame for 9/11 on Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the U.A.E., claiming these three nations benefited from the crime, while exonerating Israel - whose leader openly admitted that Israel benefited from 9/11. If Saudi Arabia were truly involved in the planning of 9/11 why would they allow 15 Saudi nationals to be blamed as hijackers? Why would Arabs use their own nationals as patsies in a false-flag attack? 

Question: The omission of Israel being one of the countries that benefited from 9/11 seems to be caused by self-imposed blinders. Five years before your book was published, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Godfather of the War on Terror, said these words, which were published in English shortly thereafter, about how Israel benefited from the 9/11 attacks:

"We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq."
- Benjamin Netanyahu, “Report: Netanyahu says 9/11 terror attacks good for Israel,” Ha’aretz (Israel), April 16, 2008

Kevin, were you unaware of Netanyahu's comments or did you choose to omit them for another reason?

Early on in the book you wrote: "Today, we don't have an alternative to the official conspiracy that spells out how the events of 9/11 could be the result of a conspiracy among insiders." 

Question: Does that mean that you have not read my Solving 9-11 research? My Solving 9-11 books are, in fact, very much "an alternative to the official conspiracy" and were published in book form in early 2012 - one year before your book came out. The first edition of my book was published online years earlier. I have been writing about 9-11 since September 2001 and much of my Solving 9-11 research has been published online and in print since 2001.

The Solving 9-11 books were published in 2012 and contain more than 10 years of Bollyn's original 9-11 research articles starting from September 2001. 

In your book, Israel is only listed three times in the index. On page 312, you wrote: "Israel has also been discussed in terms of the possibility that elements of its government were involved. Unfortunately, such claims are often made without supporting evidence and coherent reasoning."

Do you really think the thesis of Israeli involvement in 9/11 lacks supporting evidence and coherent reasoning?

With all the best wishes,

Christopher Bollyn

The 28 Pages and Other False Leads

April 13, 2016

The "60 Minutes" (CBS News) piece on the top-secret 28 pages about alleged Saudi involvement with two of the alleged hijackers opens the discussion about the false leads of 9/11. The following discussion is between me and Ken Jenkins, a founding member of the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance and others in that group, about the 28 pages and other false leads.

A red herring is something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important issue - like Israeli involvement in 9/11.

I began by responding to an email from Jenkins about the 28 pages:

Dear Ken, Carol, and others: 
In my opinion this [60 Minutes piece] is yet another Zionist ruse to lead the public into thinking that Saudi Arabia was behind the 9/11 atrocity and to play this up as much as possible during the presidential campaign. It is just another layer of deception being played by the Zionists seeking to deflect blame away from the Israelis and Zionists who, the evidence clearly shows, carried out the 9/11 atrocity and engineered the cover-up for the past 14 years.
- Christopher Bollyn, "60 Minutes & The Secret 28 Pages of 9/11," April 11, 2016

Ken wrote back, saying:

Hi Christopher,
Well if it is a Zionist ruse, it’s a pretty lame one, because it will serve to open of the can of worms that shows that others were involved in 9/11 beyond the few currently accused.  Any doubt about the official story is doubt that will lead to other doubts about other actors.

I responded in an effort to try to clarify three points that I think are clearly false leads, but which Jenkins, a founder of the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance, seems to support:
Dear Ken, Carol, and others,

No, the "28 pages" report is not a lame ruse at all; it is actually working very well. It seems to have tricked even you!  

If I may, I would like to point out several of the false leads that your email contains because this correspondence reaches some of the leading people in the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance.

By hinting that the 28 pages implicate Saudi Arabia in 9/11 because of Saudi financing for some the "hijackers" is a very effective ruse in that it deflects blame from Israel.  It also supports the official myth, as I wrote in my response:
The CBS News program focused on the 28 pages that seem to show Saudi support for two of the alleged 9/11 hijackers. These pages have been classified for 13 years, so why is it that only now they are an issue for "60 Minutes" - after 13 years?

Secondly, the two alleged hijackers, Niwaf al Hazmi and Khalid al Midhar were supposedly on American Airlines Flight 77, which supposedly hit the Pentagon - but there is absolutely no evidence that a large Boeing hit the Pentagon, so the discussion of the 28 pages only serves to support the official myth, which has already been proven false.

WHAT PLANE? When I spoke in Oakland last year, Ken Jenkins requested that I not discuss the Pentagon because he said he was working on a film project with Jim Hoffman that would prove that a large passenger airliner had hit the Pentagon. 
Ken, I recall that the last time we met you said you were working on a film with Jim Hoffman that would prove that a large airplane hit the Pentagon.  That was the reason you said that I had to remove the material about the Pentagon from my presentation in Oakland.  I thought this was very odd, of course, for the 9/11 "truth group" who was hosting me to be censoring my presentation, but I removed the Pentagon slides in order not to offend you.

By the way, is your film project with Jim Hoffman finished?  Do you still believe that Flight 77 or a similar Boeing airliner hit the Pentagon? I would be interested to see what evidence you have assembled to support the claim that a large Boeing hit the Pentagon.


I would point out another false lead that is attached to your email about the 28 pages:  that Stratesec was a major player in World Trade Center security on 9-11.  Ken, this is simply NOT true.  The company that played the key role in security for the WTC was Kroll, a company very closely tied to the Mossadniks and Israeli military brass who pulled off 9-11.

Although these diagrams are not perfect, and were not made by me, they are based on my work in Solving 9-11 (Chapter VII) and do show some of the key links between Kroll and the Israeli criminals behind 9-11:


As Wikipedia says about Kroll, Inc.:
WTC and Sears Tower security

Kroll were responsible for revamping security at the World Trade Center after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing... Just prior to the September 11 attacks, Kroll Inc., with the guidance of Jerome Hauer, at the time the Managing director of their Crisis and Consulting Management Group, hired former FBI special investigator John P. O'Neill, who specialized in the Al-Qaeda network held responsible for the 1993 bombing, to head the security at the WTC complex. O'Neill died in the attacks.
And as Wikipedia says about Stratesec:

Kroll Inc. - Securacom sold security-related equipment to the New York Port Authority for the security of the World Trade Center. Securacom's contract for the sale of equipment was terminated in 1998. (The company changed its name to "Stratesec" in 1998.)
In reality, Kroll was the company that played the key role in WTC security (since 1993), along with the Port Authority police.  The claim that Stratesec was somehow involved in security at the WTC in the run-up to 9-11 is simply FALSE. Securacom/Stratesec was "excused from the project" in 1998.

As the Washington Spectator reported in February 2005:
TIES TO THE TWIN TOWERS—Securacom, beginning with its previous incarnation, Stratesec, unlike many other security firms, did not separate security consulting from providing security services. As a single-source provider of end-to-end security services, it offered everything from a diagnosis of existing systems, to hiring subcontractors, and to installing video and electronic equipment. It also offered armored vehicles and security guards.

The company emphasized continuing relationships with a few big long-term clients, including the World Trade Center, home to the Twin Towers. According to SEC filings, the World Trade Center and the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, were two of the company’s three biggest clients in 1996 and 1997.

After the first attack on the World Trade Center, in 1993, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey began a multimillion-dollar, multiyear revamping of security in and around the Twin Towers. As Burns and Roe Securacom, the company had previously done security studies on the World Trade Center. Securacom was hired along with many other contractors for the upgrade and was praised in security industry publications, although the board membership of former President Bush’s son Marvin went unnoticed.

NO COMMENT—Marvin Bush had joined Securacom’s board of directors in 1993, part of a new management team hired when Securacom separated from Burns and Roe, and he remained on the board through 1999.

The White House has not responded to repeated questions and requests for comment about Marvin Bush’s relationship with Securacom. (Wirt Walker and other former management figures were interviewed by phone.)

Securacom got the $8.3 million World Trade Center security contract in October 1996 and received about $9.2 million from the WTC job from 1996 (a quarter of its revenues that year) to 1998. But in 1998, the company was “excused from the project” because it could not fulfill the work, according to former manager Al Weinstein, and the electronic security work at the WTC was taken over by EJ Electric, a larger contractor.

I hope this helps clarify a few points that we really do need to be correct about.
With all the best wishes,

Christopher Bollyn 

Open Letter to Donald Trump on 9/11

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.
725 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10022

April 12, 2016

Dear Mr. Trump,

My name is Christopher Bollyn. I am the author of Solving 9/11: The Deception that Changed the World. During my recent speaking tour across the United States, I was asked at every event about your position on 9/11 truth. The American people know that the government and media have covered-up the truth about 9/11. Many Americans sincerely hope a Trump presidency will help find the truth by carrying out a fully-fledged criminal investigation to determine who is really responsible for the terror atrocity.

Currently, none of the presidential candidates has taken a position in support of finding the truth of what happened on September 11, 2001. The events of 9/11 profoundly changed this country and brought us the “War on Terror” with two costly and disastrous wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but the candidates running for the highest office in the land won’t even discuss the event that took us to war. If you were to announce that, as president, you would carry out a complete criminal investigation of 9/11 you would certainly gain the support of millions more Americans.

In the past month a U.S. judge in New York City ruled that Iran shared the blame in destroying the World Trade Center and ordered a fine on the Islamic state of $10.5 billion while “60 Minutes” recently reported that the 28 secret pages implicate Saudi Arabia as supporting alleged hijackers of 9/11. Such confusion can only exist in a situation where the truth is being covered-up. How can we go forward as a nation, crafting policies and waging war based on nothing but a pack of lies about what happened on 9/11? How can we make America great again if we allow our nation to be governed by lies?

The 9/11 Commission members themselves have gone on record saying that government officials lied to the commission. John Farmer, for example, senior counsel to the commission, wrote: "What government and military officials told Congress, the Commission, the media, and the public about who knew what when was almost entirely, and inexplicably, untrue."

The American people are demanding a proper criminal investigation into the events of 9/11 to determine who is truly responsible for the terror atrocity that changed the world and we have every right to expect that from our government. If you were to promise that a Trump presidency would carry out a complete criminal investigation into 9/11 you would inspire many Americans who have lost faith in the political process and gain support from a significant majority of the population.

Mr. Trump, will you stand up for the truth and demand a proper criminal investigation into the events of 9/11?


Christopher Bollyn

Christopher Bollyn at Ground Zero - World Trade Center, March 25, 2016

"60 Minutes" & The Secret 28 Pages of 9/11

April 11, 2016 

When we consider the "60 Minutes" report about the 28 top-secret pages about 9/11 that aired on CBS last night, we need to consider a few things: the source of the report, and its content.

First, let's consider the content: The CBS News program focused on the 28 pages that seem to show Saudi support for two of the alleged 9/11 hijackers. These pages have been classified for 13 years, so why is it that only now they are an issue for "60 Minutes" - after 13 years?

Secondly, the two alleged hijackers, Niwaf al Hazmi and Khalid al Midhar were supposedly on American Airlines Flight 77, which supposedly hit the Pentagon - but there is absolutely no evidence that a large Boeing hit the Pentagon, so the discussion of the 28 pages only serves to support the official myth, which has already been proven false.

If Flight 77 really hit the Pentagon, which has a 3-foot thick exterior wall of concrete and masonry, why was there absolutely no evidence of an airplane to be seen at the scene of the alleged crash site?

Thirdly, consider the source: "60 Minutes" is a product of CBS News, which is headed by David Rhodes, whose brother Ben is deputy national security adviser for strategic communication for President Obama. The Rhodes boys are dedicated Zionists, the sons of a Jewish mother, Jane Janover Rhodes. David Rhodes came up through FOX News, a news editor working for Rupert Murdoch - the Rothschild-produced media mogul. 

David Rhodes' career began at Fox News, where he directed political coverage for the Rothschild Zionist propaganda network... 

...while brother Ben was deputy national security adviser for President Barack Obama. What a team.

The Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz described Ben Rhodes is the "driving force" behind Obama's foreign policy, which he described as very pro-Israel. Rhodes told Ha'aretz last November:

Barack Obama has been an enormous supporter of Israel. He has done more for Israel’s security than any other president, 
and he understands Israeli history very well. He has been and can be an enormous asset for Israel. He believes in Zionism. 
He believes in how just Israel is as a Jewish state and a democracy, and he can make that case to the world. He is more than 
happy to go around the world and defend Israel and Zionism.

The parent company of CBS News is CBS Corp., which is headed by Leslie Moonves, the great-nephew of David Ben Gurion, the founding father and first prime minister of Israel. A closer connection to the Zionist state of Israel would be hard to imagine.

The president and CEO of CBS Corp. is Leslie Moonves, the grand-nephew of David Ben-Gurion. What a small world.

So, why are the Zionists coming out now, demanding that these 28 pages be released, 13 years after they were classified?

In my opinion this is yet another Zionist ruse to lead the public into thinking that Saudi Arabia was behind the 9/11 atrocity and to play this up as much as possible during the presidential campaign. It is just another layer of deception being played by the Zionists seeking to deflect blame away from the Israelis and Zionists who, the evidence clearly shows, carried out the 9/11 atrocity and engineered the cover-up for the past 14 years.

The evidence of Israeli involvement in the false-flag terror attacks of 9/11 is documented in the Solving 9-11 set of books, available through my website at:

or through Amazon at:…/…/0985322586

Source:  The "60 Minutes" piece about the 28 pages is online at: 

Florida Today - Solving 9-11 in Cocoa Beach

January 19, 2016

Florida Today, part of the USA Today network, published an announcement of Christopher Bollyn's upcoming event at the Cocoa Beach Public Library.  Tonight's event in Cocoa Beach is the final event in Florida on the "Solving 9-11 Ends the War" tour.  All of the events in the Sunshine State have been held in public libraries, where Americans exercise their freedoms of speech, press, and assembly.

Original Florida Today link:

Greeting the sunrise on Cocoa Beach
Photo:  Helje Bollyn

Pulling Back the Curtain on the 9-11 Deception

January 7, 2016

The characters in the Wizard of Oz were cured of their confusion and fears when Toto, Dorothy's little dog, pulled back the curtain revealing the wizard behind the machinations of deception that oppressed them.

America has changed a great deal as a result of the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. Based on what we were told about these events the nation was taken to war in the Middle East, where we remain fourteen years later, engaged in costly conflicts across the region from Libya to Central Asia. This is, we are told, our national obligation in the global “War on Terror.”

Life in America has changed profoundly since 9-11. The relationship between the citizen and the state suddenly became one in which normal people were made to feel like terror suspects - and treated accordingly.

The spirit of the times, the Zeitgeist of the “War on Terror,” is dark and foreboding and has cast a dismal pall of gloom over our lives. People are worried and smile less as they contemplate the latest global threat pushed by the media with fearful apprehension.

But what if what we were told about 9-11 is simply not true? What if we have been deceived about what really happened? What would it mean if the seminal event that brought us the “War on Terror” were shown to be a gigantic hoax?

If we have been lied to about 9-11 then the “War on Terror” is nothing but a massive fraud, through which we have been tricked into fighting wars that are none of our business. Our national treasury has been plundered and countless lives have been lost as a result. The worst thing is that there seems to be no end in sight to the madness.

Christopher Bollyn’s presentation, “Solving 9-11 Ends the War,” offers a different perspective and hope for a better future. An investigative journalist, Bollyn has investigated the events of 9-11 since 2001 and his research proves that we have been deceived – and reveals who is behind the deception.

Like Toto in the Wizard of Oz, in a brief presentation of less than one hour, Bollyn pulls back the curtain and exposes the network behind the evil machinations of 9-11 and the fraudulent “War on Terror.”

Understanding the deception and the network behind it is the essential first step to restoring sanity to our lives and nation. Bollyn’s research and presentation will help you become disabused of the deceptions and phantoms of 9-11 and the "War on Terror."

Come hear what he has to say; your fear is all you have to lose.

Christopher Bollyn's "Solving 9-11 Ends the War" tour begins next week in Florida.

Note: The details of Christopher Bollyn's current speaking tour are found at: 

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